Experts explain the taboos of naked sleeping in summer

Experts explain the taboos of naked sleeping in summer

“I only wear Chanel No. 5 perfume to sleep.

“Marilyn Monroe has made naked sleep synonymous with sexy, but in reality, more naked sleepers still think of convenience and heat dissipation.

  “对于普通人来说,夏季裸睡,我们的态度是‘不提倡,不反对’,它的确有很多好处:更利于皮肤排泄、让人身心彻底放松、熟睡程度更高……但与此同时It is also easy to cause backache, backache, infestation and cold, especially those with qi deficiency and boys and girls, it is best not to sleep naked.

“This is what Professor Zhang Shijun said in the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University.

In addition, the three-pronged extreme cool “mix and match” model of “naked sleep + mat + air conditioner” can’t carry such a “cold muscle” for two or three months.

  气虚阳虚者裸睡起床后头晕眼花  “肝火旺盛者裸睡的确可能感觉很‘舒爽’,而气虚阳虚者则刚好相反,放在别人身上的健康裸睡行为,自己效仿就带来了Basically not: sneezing, low back pain, joint pain, headache . “He said that people’s constitutions are very different, and for those with qi deficiency, naked sleep is easier to do unconsciously in the summer night.”Leading to numerous symptoms and illnesses.

  How to judge for yourself simply possible deficiency?

If the self-examination reveals that you are weak, pale, short of breath, fatigued limbs, dizziness, sweating, low voice, and other characteristics, that is, it is likely to belong to the qi deficiency group, it is best not to blindly follow the trend and choose nakedsleep.
  ”If you feel that your liver is hot every day, ‘hot air’, your body is strong, you are often thirsty, your skin is cracked, and your tongue is sore. Similar people are more suitable for sleeping naked.

“He said.

  Professor Zhang Shijun gave a very simple reason: if you wake up naked when you are full, your sleep quality is good, and your body does not have any discomfort, then you can be considered as a suitable person for naked sleep; otherwise, you should stop naked sleep.

  Boys and girls are best not to sleep naked. If they are still in their puberty, boys and girls are better not to sleep naked.

“At this time, the developing organs are still very fragile. If they are infected at a young age, they will have a great impact on the normal development of the reproductive system.

“Experts said.

  For girls, the menstrual period in the first few years of menarche may not have entered the normal “track”, the menstrual period is irregular, it may wake up and the bedding has been replaced.

At this stage, if you are sleeping naked and your body is unobstructed, unclean germs on the quilt sheet are swept in, which makes it easy for vaginitis to come to your door.

So for young girls, learning about menstrual nursing, trying to avoid naked sleeping, washing futons, and wearing cotton breathable underwear are all responsible for their own health.

  Although adolescents do not have menstrual troubles, they have to face another major damage: the developing genitals are very fragile, and they are equally vulnerable to infection or adverse stimulation.

“Young boys are in the developmental stage. The young body is very susceptible to ‘response’. When the naked body sleeps, the organs are directly rubbed against the closed body. If they are not careful, they will cause pleasure. This will be harmful to the normal development of the genitals and affect the human body.

“Experts said.

  Therefore, it is recommended that boys should also avoid sleeping naked, sleeping on the upper body at most semi-nude, and not wearing too tight underwear, and the bedding sheets should be changed regularly.

  To be naked, cover the air conditioner. Don’t sleep on the mat. Go to the bottom, and blow on the air conditioner. What a cool word!

But experts shook their heads at this “mashup” mode.

“When you sleep naked, you should also overlap a little quilt or towel blanket in dark color, with your stomach upright and cold; if you turn on the air conditioner, the temperature has already been lowered. It is not necessary to sleep on the mat, otherwise it is too coldIt may be overwhelming, leading to diarrhea and diarrhea are common in the clinic.

Professor Zhang Shijun said.