Careful selection of soup ingredients

Careful selection of soup ingredients

Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish between cold and heat, and to replace botanicals, so as to help physical health.

  The following are several commonly used soup-making medicines, and their medicinal properties are briefly introduced in the hope that they will have a breakthrough benefit for everyone: 1.

Chinese yam, Zhishi: The second-drug flavor is Gan Ping, which has the effect of strengthening the spleen and kidney, and dampening dampness. When cooking soup, you can reduce the amount of Chenpi to improve the qi. The dosage is 15?
30 grams, suitable for those with weak spleen and stomach, soft or rotten stool.


A. ginseng and Yuzhu: It is cold with a sweet taste, and has the effects of nourishing yin, nourishing the lungs, and nourishing the stomach, and is suitable for those with dryness of yin deficiency or a slight cough and dry mouth. The dosage is 15-20 grams.


Longan flesh, lily: Longan flavour is sweet and warm, has the effect of replenishing the heart and spleen, and nourishes qi and blood; Lily tastes slightly cold, has the effect of refreshing, calming the lungs and relieving cough.
Longan meat can be used for 10-15 grams, lily can be used for about 15-30 grams.


Dendrobium, Lycium barbarum: Dendrobium has a slightly cold taste, and is used for nourishing the stomach and regenerating eyesight; Lycium barbarum is sweet and nourishing kidney and bones, and is suitable for chronic illness and deficiency of the liver or kidney.Dizziness, astringent eyes, weak waist and knees.

The amount of wolfberry is about 15-20 grams, and Dendrobium is 15-20 grams.


Luo Han Guo, sweet almond: Luo Han Guo is sweet and cool, can clear the heat and moisturize the lungs, and relieve cough and laxative; sweet almond, also known as apricot, is bitter and mild, has a small poison, can nourish and nourish the lungs and laxative.

It is suitable for those with lung deficiency, cough, dry throat and dry stool.

Use 15-30 grams of Luo Han Guo, or 1-2 pieces.

Sweet almonds are slightly poisonous. The amount is 3?
6 grams.


Corn beard, red bean: corn beard has a sweet and flat taste, which can relieve swelling and clear liver and gallbladder dampness and heat; red adzuki bean sweet taste is good for dampness and swelling.

Applicable to damp-heat syndrome, abdominal fullness, less urination or edema.

Use 40-60 grams of red beans, 20-30 grams of corn.

  The above medicinal materials can be added with pork ribs, lean meat or fish, and avoid using spine and long bones, so as to prevent oil from being harmful to health.