[Butter Mushroom Pasta]_ Cream Mushroom Pasta _ Practice _ How to Make

[Butter Mushroom Pasta]_ Cream Mushroom Pasta _ Practice _ How to Make

Creamy mushroom pasta is a very unique food. The choice is pasta. Many people in life like to use it for cooking, but relatively, the method of cooking creamy mushroom pasta is very simple. Let ‘s talk about it.

Ingredients: 1 spaghetti, 1 bag of bacon, 1 mushroom, 200 ml of whipped cream, 1 bag of milk, 1 small flour, salt, 1 flour, 1 piece of black pepper. Method: 1, bacon and mushroom slices (baconThe slices are about the same size as the mushroom slices); 2. Fry the bacon with the pieces, add the mushroom slices and salt and stir-fry; 3, stir-fry the mushroom slices and add milk to the dish; 4. add the high-fat cream and stir well, add saltSeasoning; 5. Add flour to a small amount of milk to make a flour paste, pour the butter sauce and pour it until the paste is thick; 6. Cook the pasta after 10-12 minutes, pour the sauce and sprinkleBlack pepper is enough.

Cooking skills: 1. Slice or slice the ingredients in the noodle sauce. Do not dice, otherwise it is not convenient to eat.

2. The fried sauce made with bacon directly feels very fragrant and fuel-efficient, because there is cream and milk, and the milk flavor is already strong enough.

3. Add salt to the helmet when you fry the mushrooms. When seasoning, you should pay attention to not adding too much salt.