How to adjust six face treatments to make you look good

How to adjust six face treatments to make you look good

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If you want to develop good complexion and good skin, skin care products alone are not enough. You must know how to adjust the internal and external nutrition, and the diet is undeniable. So what is good for the skin?

Here are a few skincare and diet therapies for you, let you take a good look, let’s take a look.

  Tremella medlar tremella 15 grams, medlar 25 grams.

Put the white fungus and wolfberry into the pot together, add an appropriate amount of water, fry it with a simmered fire to a thick juice, add honey, and fry for another 5 minutes.

Once every other day, warm water to serve.

This recipe has the effects of nourishing yin and tonifying kidney, emollient, nourishing qi and blood, and good color.

  Ginger jujube tea jujube 200 g, ginger 200 g, salt 20 g, licorice 30 g, clove and agarwood 30 g each.

Punch the medicines into coarse powder and mix well. Take 10 each morning?
15 grams, soak in boiling water for 10 minutes and mix on behalf of the tea.

Long-term use of this formula can make the skin rosy and smooth.

  Bird’s nest and jujube soup with brown sugar in the right amount, soak the bird’s nest with water to remove impurities, then put it in the pot with the jujube (denucleated), add an appropriate amount of water, cook until the jujube is ripe, and then season with brown sugar.

This formula has the effect of nourishing and wrinkles, making the complexion shiny and moisturized.

  The Sanwei beauty juice cuts carrots, coriander, and apples into small pieces. Add them to the juice maker and twist them into juice. Season with any honey.

Contains a large amount of phosphorus, potassium and multivitamins, carrots, apples contain the fruit acids, carotene can restore skin nutrition, make it shiny, delicate and soft.

  Tremella fuciformis jujube 15g, Tremella fuciformis 25g, Chenpi 6g, 1 egg, moderate sugar.

First, pit the red dates with tremella and cook for 30 minutes, then put in the peel and cook for 10 minutes, add rock sugar, beat in eggs, mix well and serve.

This formula has the effects of beauty, skin wrinkles, and discoloration, and the uniforms transform the skin into white, tender, delicate, and elastic.

  Beauty: fresh ripe papaya, fresh milk each amount.

Cut the papaya into pieces, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook with sugar until the papaya is ripe. Then pour the fresh milk into the boil, and you can take it.

This formula has the functions of beauty skin care and black hair. Regular drink can make the skin smooth, tender, wrinkle reduced, delicate and ruddy.