Eat some dried fruits in the winter

Eat some dried fruits in the winter

Mulberry dried mulberry dried is the richest natural iron in fruit and its products, containing 42 iron per 100 grams.

5 mg, worthy of the title of “tonic blood” in fruits.

It is generally recommended to eat dried mulberry porridge, eating a bowl of mulberry porridge daily can not only provide blood and beauty, but pregnant women should use it with caution.

  Purple raisins Purple grapes are good fruits for blood.

After the grapes are dried, the iron content is 9 per 100 grams.

1 mg.

In addition, grape skins are supplemented and preserved during the drying process (the nutritional content of grape skins far exceeds the pulp), which is also conducive to the retention of some stable nutrients in raisins, such as iron, zinc, manganese, protein, antioxidants.

  The iron content of longan cinnamon round meat is about 3 per 100 grams.

9 mg, which is also very rich in iron in fruits, can be used in the diet of anemia, generally soup, porridge is appropriate.

However, longan meat is warm food and is not suitable for pregnant women and children.

  Among the dried dates, black dates and candied dates are the highest admired, and their iron content is 3 per 100 grams.


Between 9 milligrams, it can also be considered as a good product in blood-supplementing food. Dried dates also contain rich vitamin C. Vitamin C is an important factor to promote the absorption of iron ions, allowing the body to absorb iron with less effort.

However, dried dates are rich in dietary fiber, which is not good for digestion, so it is not recommended to eat more daily, and it is best to cook soup and porridge.