26 good pregnancy yogas for expectant mothers in the second pregnancy

26 good pregnancy yogas for expectant mothers in the second pregnancy

Mommy relieves YOGA to loosen the tight joints and release the body pressure. Pelvic Rotary Pelvic Rotary (Figure 1) 1.
Hands on hips, feet as wide as the pelvis.

Pelvic rotation type (Figure 2) 2.
Slowly move the pelvis to the left and the center of gravity to the left foot.

Pelvic rotation (Figure 3) 3.
Focus on the pelvis backwards.

Pelvic rotation (Figure 4) 4.
Slowly move the pelvis to the right and the center of gravity to the right foot.

Pelvic rotation type (Figure 5) 5.
Get your body back up and change sides.

  Tinker Bell: 1.
Contraction relaxes and bends slightly.

2.Relax also on the front and back.

  ★ Efficacy: Strengthen the energy of the lower plate and reduce the soreness of the waist.

  Awakening I Awakening I (Figure 1) 1.
Feet open as wide as the pelvis, behind the chair.

Awakening I (Figure 2) 2.
Hold the back of the chair with both hands and move your feet backwards.

Awakening I (Figure 3) 3.
Straighten your legs, open as wide as your pelvis, stretch your hands forward, stretch forward, and extend your tailbone backwards. Maintain abdominal breathing and stay 5 breaths (1 breath).

  Tinker Bell: Mothers with high blood pressure avoid holding their heads below their waists.

  ★ Efficacy: 1.
Strengthens blood circulation to the head, shoulders and neck to increase vitality.

  2.Strengthen blood circulation in the legs and prevent edema.

  3.Promote pelvic blood circulation, release pressure on the spine and reduce backache caused by the weight of the lower abdomen.

  4.Expand the abdominal cavity and lungs, giving more room for the baby in the abdomen to move and oxygen.

  Head rotation Head rotation (Figure 1) 1.
Sit cross-legged, step on both hands, and inhale.

Head rotation (Figure 2) 2.
Exhale, right ear near right shoulder.

Head rotation (Figure 3) 3.Inhale and extend your head back.

Head rotation (Figure 4) 4.
Exhale, close your left ear to your left shoulder, slowly relax your head, start from the right, and change sides after 3 to 5 turns.

  Tinker Bell: This action is continuous and can be performed in conjunction with breathing.

  Efficacy: Reduce obesity and blood pressure, eliminate shoulder and neck pain caused by pregnancy.