Flatten your shiny face without spending a penny a night_1

Flatten your shiny face without spending a penny a night

Although the humidity in the air is not low, my cheeks feel dry?

Woke up all night with a shiny T-shape, but my face was dull?

Try the moisturizing mask at night and then fall asleep to ensure that you look good the next morning and reduce the shine!


hzh {display: none; }  梦中补水:  对于护肤时间不够的OL来说,睡眠面膜简直就是天底下最省事的面膜了,只要在所有的护肤程序之后额外敷上一层面膜,等它完全被After absorption, you can go to bed directly.

  Extreme fit: For facial masks, fit is one of the important indicators to judge the quality of a facial mask.

Because only when the degree of fit is high, can the skin be temporarily in a “vacuum-like” state, and the skin care essence can be transformed into ground to relax the skin by external air pressure.

  Tip: Generally speaking, if a mask is cut by more than 8 knives, its fit will be higher.

If you are unlucky, you bought a mask that does not fit your face well, then you may look into the mirror first, you ca n’t see which part is fit, and then cut it with sterile scissorsWith one shot, the situation may change.

  High-quality moisturizing mask: A soothing high-quality moisturizing mask that quickly soothes, in addition to having excellent hydration function, it also needs to enhance the skin’s water storage capacity and achieve the ideal water-oil balance.

Of all the masks, only moisturizing masks can be made daily if your skin is extremely dry.

  Tip: Don’t assume that everything is fine with a mask.

The mask is just a tonic for the skin. The key to making the skin lasting and hydrated is also the daily skin care processing and living habits.

  Affordable choice: Sometimes, the skin itself is not a big problem, you just want to give the skin a regular moisture.

At this time, you can choose some cheap and beautiful mask products, you know, their efficacy is not inferior to those of the big-name masks.

  Tip: Moisturizing gel can actually be your simple moisturizing mask, just apply a thick layer and wait for 20 minutes.

  The color of the sleeping mask is mostly colorless and transparent, so you can also put on a layer of sleeping mask when you are on a long-haul plane or staying up all night, which can replenish water in time and not scare others.